Blogging resources

We’re not ashamed to publish Antonio’s list of resources on our blog so that you have to visit it to view them!

The Social Network Makeover: Resources

“Listening” The best RSS reader in my opinion.
(There are others)

Reading blogs:
Get out there and find them! Great blog search engine. Find the blogs that
are talking about what you’re interested in. You can also use the Google Blog Search

Blog Examples: Excellent blog on worldwide art Good one for new tech stuff – won’t always be
interesting but they do cover all the new, major social networking
sites. A great example of a creative industries blog. Useful content, regularly updated.

Writing blogs:
Clear Blogging By Bob Walsh:

Blogging Platforms: (if you want your own domain name) (easier and simpler but you can’t use your own
domain name unless you do a simple redirect) (Very simple blogging platform)

Online Video: : Great for all-round use. More professional setup, more versatile but
harder to use. Enables you to sell online Great for beginners – you can edit the video online

Podcasting: : Good place to start Intro to
podcasting – also check the videos for more!

Social Networking: I have a feeling Facebook is going to be very
important over the next few years. At the moment it’s a personal
networking tool but I think they could be very successful in bringing
it into business. Use this whatever you do. It’s brilliant. Definitely worth checking out – could be a big
player in the future. For photography but you can also use it for other
sorts of visual imagery. Interesting online community for creative people

Miscellaneous Tools and Links: : Find out who’s visiting your site. For the more technical of you – soup up your RSS feed : Check out the “Articles” category – most of
them should be relevant. If you have a comment, please leave it and
let me know! New Media 4Casts –
a series of podcasts I’ve produced over the last year on new media for
creative people : The original Long
Tail article

Other misc. pages used in presentation:
Global Microbrand:
Long Tail Diagram:
English Cut Tailors (example of a Global Microbrand):
Si hunt:
The Black Apple Blog:
Dismantled on Boing Boing:
Rebecca’s Flickr Profile:


7 responses to “Blogging resources

  1. About custom domain names for your blog…

    My website is at

    I will try to post instructions on my website in the next few days about how to change the information using a few of the hosting companies that I know about!

  2. Really useful. Yesterday’s session at Matlock was brilliant – really inspired me to just do it – and stop making excuses. Many thanks to Antonio and Creative Launchpad…

  3. I found the workshop very useful too. I’ll have a go with feeding a blog to my personal website this weekend. You’ll be hearing from me when I struggle 😉 Many thanks to all!

  4. I can’t remember what I’ve just typed. Why do you always have to sign up to something before you can do anything on this wickedly wobbly web?
    Great event. Thanks for all the tips. Best words were “Just Try. No-one’s going to say it’s wrong. Social Media is new so whatever works is OK.” – My interpretation is “No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”.
    Soooo excited about future possibilities for projects.
    Must go Arthur is expecting a curry tonight…

  5. Hi all,

    Great fun yesterday and thanks for the feedback – it really is invaluable to find out what people found useful.

    My blog is here if anyone’s interested in having a look:

    Guinevere: Yes! I’m going to use that Spanish Inquisition quote – love it!

    Please let me know if you set up blogs and I’ll sign up to them with the RSS Reader.

  6. Oops – also a couple more things. Mark McGuinness’ blog is at – sorry!



  7. Great session at Matlock and a very long list of resources here from Antonio, can’t wait to get started when I’ve got a bit more time, er, Boxing Day?…

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