Entrepreneurship is everywhere

On my recent travels to South India I was overwhelmed by the level of entrepreneurship that has filled every part of this developing country. I admired the sales skills and techniques which had been honed over the years by the beach sellers, fruit sellers, taxi drivers and shop owners.

After getting over the initial awkwardness at haggling for products/ services I began to love and enjoy this banter, I even miss it now I am back in England (I even attempted some haggling in Tesco, unsuccessfully)

My journey into a developing country has taught me many things, most importantly that no matter how much business support and encouragement an individual or organisation receives, the success of a business ands its impact on society and the economy comes from the motivation and the fire in the belly of the people involved. The biggest issue a business can face is how to maintain the motivation and confidence, especially when times are tough. I believe the road to a successful enterprise is simple: love what you do, love where you do it and love who you do it for.

Kelly x


One response to “Entrepreneurship is everywhere

  1. creativelaunchpad

    Hi Kelly

    As loathe as I am to add an inane comment to such a poignant post, I can’t help but smile as I remember that infamous scene on a market stall in Life of Brian: the stall owner is offended by Brian’s insistence on paying the marked price of the false beard. ” ‘Ere, this one won’t haggle…”

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