Get on and have a go…

I attended a really good networking event last week, hosted by CIN – Creative Industries Network. The guest speaker was a man with a difference: not only was the talk informative and thought provoking, it was also humorous.   

Russell Davies discussed attracting the customer – the future of advertising, marketing and more. It fascinated me the ways in which we can now relate to our customer. What I found really interesting is that even the smallest of companies with a limited marketing budget can get exceptional results if they think creatively about the problems they are trying to solve. Uploading video onto you tube for example, discussions on your web blogs or simply emailing a regular newsletter to your contacts.  

The use of social networking sites as way of referring and introducing organisations along with sustained blogging, the key message from Russell Davies was in order to stay ahead of the game and understand how to use these tools we must learn by doing. I happen to agree that the best experience is to be had by those that get up and have a go. It’s better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all, at least you’ll have more experience than the person who only dreamed about it and didn’t put their ideas into action.  

Check out for further information on networking events and professional development courses.  


One response to “Get on and have a go…

  1. Also, plenty of notice for events/training etc as this allows people to plan time off work/find money etc

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