Klimt + iphone = Who’d have thought it ?

So, the sun is finally out (miracles and all that). I was thinking about braving a trip to the big smoke to see the Royal Academy summer show before it closes and have been putting it off continually because as soon as the clock hits 5.30pm on fridays it rains solidly until 9am monday (and the rest). London + rain = not my favourite. Now it seems I have no excuse, plus I am secretly intiruged to see Miss Emin’s curatorial choices for the artworks I have only read about.

I read today that Tate are putting a bit of this technology malarky into play and Tate Liverpool is setting up an experimental online tour for iphone users, which means that visitors to the Klimt exhibition can browse the exhibition guide using the gallery’s wi-fi or download as a podcast. Gone are the times of those massive grey plastic audio guides from ye olde days that had previously phased out completely any need for an actual human guide. Not quite the same though eh.

– Olivia


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