Busy times in general. Surely “summer” (I say this very loosely) is the time to relax and do sweet nothing. Not at CLP that’s for sure. August was busy busy and September seems to be going the same way. As a result there has been a distinct lack of time for exhibitions and shows. I have, however, made up for this [a bit] by trawling through snippets of the immense amount of Midlands talent, some of which I have been lucky enough to work with. Some choice selections can be found below [tip of the iceberg]:

Andy Mckeown

Sally Butcher

Bunny Bissoux

and Josephine Reichert [although I can’t find any photos of her recent work so this one will have to do].

In totally un-west midlands related finds Tiffany Bozic is keeping me occupied this week.

ps. I wonder if we’re really doing enough to support the great artists that we have right in front of us?

pps. Goshka Macuga to win the Turner.

ppps. the new newsletter is up; AND if you’re a photographer get yourself to the opportunities section to find out about the fantastic free Rhubarb Rhubarb portfolio review surgeries coming up.

over & out, Olivia



  1. Thank you for the thumbnails with links to their websites of the artists whose names you mention – so helpful

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