A brilliant business idea.

I came back from lovely sunny friendly Bali last week where we did the usual touristy thing of touring round the island. There are roads and roads all over Bali lined with crafts people selling their very skilfully made wood carvings, stone carvings, silver jewellery and hand woven and printed textiles.

I wasn’t tempted to part with my cash though as in the main the stuff was just really dross, no matter how well made. Can there really be a big enough market demand for tall skinny wooden giraffes to sustain these communities? Or trios of painted cats? Or “amusing” carved signs about how great golf is?


It’s so frustrating – we have the design talent here in Britain by the shedload, they have the skills – it could be a commercial match made in heaven (if only I had the cash to make it happen) with the added bonus of affording the people of this really small very densely populated island to make a decent living.


Now I’m off to see how much I’ll get on eBay for an eight foot carved wooded golfer completed with detachable nine iron……….


– Carla


One response to “A brilliant business idea.

  1. You idea does raise some very interesting perspectives on the ‘produce abroad using local craftsmen’ model.

    But it raises so many issues that need to be considered before one undertakes that type of business practice.

    Highest priority is the ‘intellectual property’ ownership and the sale of your designs to other distributors in other countries where you have no rights.

    Also for consideration is volume / shipping and duty costs plus ‘hallmarking’ to international standards.

    Importing Bali goods for redistribution around the UK does happen now and they are sold in fair trade outlets etc but making your own designs is possible but needs planning, finance, strategy and partnerships.

    Possible but time consuming – money is not all you need.

    On another note, you are correct, the talent and production base is here in Birmingham and can be accessed by visiting the Jewellery Quarter, Custard Factory and other creative hubs.

    Just a note to say the Jewellery Quarter web site will be launched soon, I hope, and this will detail every designer maker based in the area so you can tap into the resources on the internet too.



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