Two things made me sad

John Mortimer and Tony Hart died last month. Both were real British characters as well as fantastically talented men whose work gave enormous pleasure to a countless number of people.


The really sad thing about this is that if you submitted a treatment to a TV production company now for either Rumpole of the Bailey or Take Hart, neither would stand a chance of being commissioned. A whole series with a bumbling grey haired old man as the star? Or even less likely, a children’s TV series with a grey haired old man as the star?!


The British population is getting older and we can’t afford to ignore the wealth of talent and experience that older people have to offer. My contribution to kick start the revolution is a tribute to Tony Hart. I’m leaving my grey hairs uncovered and undyed. I’m grey and proud – if it’s good enough for Cruella De Ville, it’s good enough for me.




One response to “Two things made me sad

  1. Tony Hart was one of my most inspirational heroes when it comes o the creative arts. “Vision On” started in 1964, the year before I was born and I grew up watching him make images and promoting ordinary people, people like me, in their own creativity. I was genuinely saddened to hear of his death.

    These days I am involved in an after-school art club in my local village and am planning a large scale floor painting in memory of Mr Hart. I feel sad for the kids I work with in the club who wont have him to inspire them.

    Phill Evans

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