The Diversity Debate

Big, hairy, middle aged Hell’s Angel biker, complete with leather cowboy hat and chapter badges, overheard at Nottingham antiques auction (sounding disappointed);

“I thought I’d get that cake stand for £60…..”


19 -20 year old lad on the down escalator in Primark, to his mate;

“Yeah….I reckon 95% of women are good looking……..”


On platform 12a, New Street Station, two middle aged deaf men talking to each other in very vigorous sign language. Man number one turns his back on his friend and looks down the platform for the train. Man number two carries on talking to himself in sign language!


I love it! It’s stuff like this that makes life worth living (and made Alan Bennett’s whole career). As Louis MacNeice put it in his poem Snow & Roses it’s “….the drunkenness of things being various”


So the next time you are asked for a copy of your diversity policy and you’re wondering whether you really need one, the answer is “yes!” Because bikers will always like cake stands, all women are beautiful and deaf men chunter to themselves.


(For more information on writing a diversity policy go to


– Carla


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