Hello Team!



Job title: Project Administrator (West Midlands)

Hobbies/interests: Shows and records, DIY, Sailor Jerry rum, sausage dogs

“When I’m not at work I hibernate and drink strawberry beer

 Favourite music: Braid, Descendents, Fugazi

 Favourite object: My recently purchased Hungry Like the Wolf sticker

 Favourite book: Haruki Murakami: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

 Favourite word: CRACKING

 Favourite food: Soya Café vegan fish

 “I really hate being overly bored

 Not very good at: Handstands

 Really good at: Headstands




    Job title: Business Advisor (West Midlands)

    Specialist area/expertise: business advice

Hobbies/interests:  classic cars and other old transport.  I also enjoy cooking.

“When I’m not at work I relax with friends and family 

Favourite music: Depends on mood but like Pink Floyd, Cream, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Santana – the old rockers are the best

Favourite object: Barometer – although it never tells the correct time

Favourite books: Those written by Bill Bryson

Favourite word: Pub

Favourite food: Lobster thermador

“I really hate litter and graffiti

Not very good at: wiping up

Really good at: washing up






Job title: Self employed Santa Claus Impersonator & Full time Business Advisor (West Midlands).  I used to be a Male Pole Dancer but the blood kept rushing to my head

Specialist area/expertise: Anything as long as it’s legal & decent.  OK I’m open to negotiation on the latter

Hobbies/interests:  Holidays

“When I’m not at work I ……See Above…………………………

Favourite music:  Garage, House and Ibiza Anthems

Favourite object:   My sailboard  when I can stay on it.

Favourite book:  Tolstoy’s ‘War & Peace’  Well up to page 5, after that it drags on a bit.

Favourite word:   FREE

Favourite food:  Anything as long as someone else is cooking it.  Even better if its Cantonese.

“I really hate  Not Being Perfect

Not very good at:    ‘Not Very Good’,  Moi !

Really good at:  Being Modest







 Job title: Programme Area Manager, Enterprise Support

Specialist area/expertise: Ceramics, Designer/makers

Hobbies/interests: Gypsy caravans, sheds, beautiful things and the way they’re made, eating and drinking, buying too many impractical shoes.

“When I’m not at work I …think about work too much, potter about the house and garden to a soundtrack of Radio 4 and dream about my shed.”

Favourite music: The Smiths, the Jayhawks, vintage David Bowie and Rod Stewart, the Soundtrack to High Society, Bonnie Prince Billy, the Shangri Las, the Screaming Trees, the Lemonheads, Amy Winehouse

Favourite object: My house

Favourite book: Any of the Armistead Maupin Tales of the City series (except the last one – too sad), 1000 rings – a Lark Jewellery book.

Favourite word: Discombobulated

Favourite food: Pasta – couldn’t live a week without it.

“I really hate: people who think they know more than everyone else – because they very rarely do.”

Not very good at: work/life balance (although I preach it to everyone else), doing stuff I’m not interested in, sticking to a calorie restricted, alcohol free diet, not answering the phone when it rings.

Really good at: seeing solutions for other people, getting back up again after a knock back, helping people to be really good at the stuff they’re really good at (see the rest of the CLP team if you don’t believe me).






Job title: Business Adviser (East Midlands)

Specialist area/expertise: I like to think ….business advice in particular strategy and finance plus training

Hobbies/interests: Tennis Jazz Gardening Fine Art 

“When I’m not at work I do lots of different things but currently renovating  the garden drinking  wine and listening  to music

Favourite music: Jazz – it is a bit of an obsession. This week it is Art Tatum Oscar Peterson and Ben Webster

Favourite object: My garden spade

Favourite book: War and Peace

Favourite word: Endeavour or veracity – can I have two?

Favourite food: Fish and chips

“I really hate loud aggressive know it alls

Not very good at: IT but getting better at it

Really good at: building shelves